Maintaining Building Safety Through Proper Fire Door Inspection

Doors that are resistant to fire may also suffer breakdown as a result of constant use. There is no other good option but to conduct the right fire door inspection. To obtain the services of a door inspector for these special doors is an obligatory rule. This is done to ensure that doors would function properly in the event of a fire disaster.

A fire door inspector possesses the capability to carry out minor repairs and component adjustments to doors in order to make them pass the compliant status. They are consider the only the certified tradesman who are able to execute this checking on fire doors.

A primary element of any fire door set is called the door frame. This is a crucial part that needs to be installed properly. In addition, all fire door frames must be maintained according to the standards and must be subjected through a certified inspection.

Why should doors be given routine check up? They can fail when being used heavily. Some of these doors are placed in high traffic areas which are subject to frequent openings per day. Some of these doors can be found in hospitals. If there are at least 100 openings made for the door in a day, it would need not only a yearly inspection but at least one every 3 months. This would guarantee that there are no loose components and that the gap of the door from the floor is still in the allowed limit which is kept at certain measurements.

There should be enough space given at the bottom edge of the door as well as at the top so that smoke can be prevent from seeping through these gaps. Even cold smoke is considered a peril because inhalation of any kind of smoke may be toxic to the body. Thus, the installation of smoke seals is required for further protective measures. fire door regulations uk

On the other hand, every single fire door must include intumescent seals. These are sealing materials that are placed around the door. In case of exposure to fire, this sealing material will expand and will tighten the door so that fire and smoke would not be able to pass through under prescribed time limits.

Some suppliers of these doors are also given the authority to conduct fire door inspection. This means that they have been certified to provide such services aside from providing authentic doors that are able to withstand fire. This is extra convenience given to consumers since they do not have to hire another company or look for people who can give them inspections that would be honored by government agencies. There may also be a program that a building owner can subscribe to in order to obtain the services for regular inspections of these doors.

Also, in case there is a need to fix some components, the inspector will ensure that these are provided with quality repair or replacement of parts. Properly maintained fire-resistant doors can provide the needed protection to a building in case a fire takes place.



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