How to Open PDF in a Word Document

Portable Document Format is a computer application that assimilates large amount of information in an integrated file format. It supports multimedia elements, graphics, images, hyperlinks and other such bulky information. User can optimize the PDF document format easily and conveniently. Optimization of Portable document format files is basically done for the web. In this process, the navigation of the content in the PDF files is made easier and expedient by incorporating hyperlinks in the Portable document format. This technique is useful for shrinking the PDF documents and maintaining the original format for making the content search engine friendly. The optimization is also done for maintaining the quality for print output. word to xml

Uses of optimizing the PDF file format:

The Portable Document Format can be optimized to present the Portable files to boost the display speed and saving bandwidth. You can use voluminous information or content in the PDF document format. One can shrink the file size for reducing the download time of the PDF files on the system. This process does not hamper the original formatting of the PDF document. This process is useful when you use images in the PDF file format or numerous fonts are used in the PDF. The basic purpose is to make the documents more accessible and search engine friendly.

Advantages of using PDF document format:

There are several benefits of using the Portable document format file format for the web. User can incorporate large amount of information in the PDF document. One can use hyperlinks and bookmarks or multimedia content in the PDF files. These PDF documents can be easily accessed on any system with different type of configuration. These files also provide hyperlinks in the file format that enables you to navigate easily throughout the page. For instance, if you post a lengthy document of hundred pages on the web you can use links in the table of content or at appropriate places. These links can easily enable the person to move from one page to another or one topic to another. The security features enable the author to protect the content of the PDF files. You can find many PDF converter tools to create the PDF files and optimize them as per the convenience.


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