Benefits and Tips for an Office Water Cooler

A water cooler within the office offers a range of benefits. Some benefits help employers more than others. Employees need water for energy, which helps maintain focus. Meanwhile, employers need top-performing employees to meet their production needs. Employers who want to remain proactive and keep their employees energised should invest in an office water fountain. Employees will not have to leave the office for a refreshing drink. For some employees, a cooler provides a place for a mini-meeting. They learn about company changes and know about new employees. Some employees view having access to free, tasty water as a perk.

Employers must decide on the type of water fountain for purchase. The bottled water unit uses a tank, while the bottleless unit attaches a filter to the office’s water supply. The bottled water will costs more for on-going purchases. All employers must make another decision when deciding on a water cooler. If an employer purchases a bottled water unit, a cleaning schedule should be implemented. This helps reduce cross-contamination among the employees, employers and office guests. For example, use gentle cleansers, such as bleach with cold water. The bottle should be rinsed out with hot water and allowed to dry before use. mccoy cooler

A water cooler can be rented or purchased. Employers want to calculate their overall costs when they make this decision. Different costs include the original purchase or rent. Plus, on-going expenses, such as repairs. Some water cooler companies charge separately for each service visit, while others offer a better service plan. The number of coolers purchased makes a difference, too. For instance, a dental office with a break room and a waiting room can purchase two coolers. These monthly cooler costs are minimal. However, a clothing manufacturing company requires a dozen units and can find its costs much higher.

Employers who decide to rent their water cooler want to remember quality. The need for cooler supplies has created the demand for more companies. Most of these companies offer cooler supplies that last. However, every cooler supply company does not offer the same quality. Employers should find out the history of the products and past quality issues. One way to find information is via the company’s website. A good company highlights its quality control and stands behind its product line. Employers who choose well-known water cooler supply companies will get better results, saving money in the long run.

Today’s coolers provides options to fit office decor. Employers want to ensure the coolers fit the environment and make their employees happy. Examples of cooler styles include wood, pottery and steel. The style for one office may not work for another office. A hospital environment may prefer wood to help brighten up the break room and lobbies. Wood cooler styles work well with office plants and well-placed pictures. Meanwhile, a food manufacturing company may stay with steel. Moreover, a water cooler comes in different sizes and shapes. A large size can appear overwhelming inside a tiny break room.

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